vacation anticipation

I’m leaving this weekend to spend a week in Boston hanging out with my sister. My parents are also planning on being there for a few days so I’ll get to see them, too. I’m pretty excited because I haven’t seen my family since February and I’ve never been to Boston before. In an effort to take a break from the Internets and maximize my vacation and family time, I’m planning on not taking either of my laptops with me (gulp, we’ll see how long I stick with that decision). I don’t really know much about Boston other than MIT & Harvard are nearby and seem like appropriately nerdy places to visit while I’m in town. So if you’ve been to Boston, what should I do next week?

3 thoughts on “vacation anticipation

  1. hey noor,
    jude and i were in boston for spring break and we had so much fun! we spent most of our time in cambridge though, and not so much in boston city itself. here are the links to the posts we posted about our trip and what we did. most of them have links to addresses and such so you can check them out:

    hope you have fun- enjoy yourself!

  2. I did for a moment consider taking my laptop *camping* with me this weekend, but ultimately decided that 4 hours of battery life wasn’t worth lugging around. The reason I’d take it? Sharing photos, of course…

    Have fun in Boston! I’ve never been there so can’t offer any advice, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I’m looking forward to the photos. :)

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